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Financial & Objects/Records for the Collection

Financial Donations

The Riley County Historical Society deeply appreciates the support it receives through donations. Gifts from friends and supporters help the Society fulfill its mission.

Donations should be made to the Riley County Historical Society, 2309 Claflin Manhattan, Kansas 66502. The Riley County Historical Society is a 501c 3 not for profit, and thus qualifying donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to discuss your donation, contact us at 785-565-6490.

Riley County Historical Society Bequests

The Riley County Historical Society is profoundly grateful to friends who have made bequests to the Society. Bequests have been received from the estates of following:

Beckman, Edna
Billings, Ada
Billings, Fred
Brooks, Blanche
Cortelyou, Rushton G.
Glenn, Bill and Ruth
Hervey, Freda
Harris, Vida
Hayes, Beverly *
McKinney, Florence
Minis, Claire
Painter, Clarice *
Pettis, Dorothy
Pfuetze, Dave **
Roberts, S. Helen
Ruddick, Bernice *
Simpson, Dawn
Tinklin, Gwen *
Walker, Florence
Wolf, Lucile *
* Bequests of over $100,000.00
** Bequests of over $1,000,000.00

Donations of Objects/Records for the Collection

Most of the objects and records in the collection of the Riley County Historical Society were received through donation. The Riley County Historical Society collection focuses on objects and records which help to tell the history of Riley County, without duplicating our existing holdings.

In what are we interested?

— Objects and records that tell the story of Riley County such as photographs, letters, diaries, yearbooks, advertising, school records, business records, organization records and much more.

— Objects that were made in or by a Riley Countian, or used in Riley County, that give significant information about Riley County or its people, or have a direct relationship to important events or people in Riley County history, or illustrate a significant part of Riley County life. Generally objects must be in good condition (but they don't necessarily have to be in perfect condition.)

We are very happy to consider any object or record that you might consider donating. Call the Riley County Historical Museum at (785) 565-6490 or send email to

We would also be happy to help you find a suitable home for objects or records that may be important, but do not have a connection to Riley County.

Cheryl Collins
Riley County Historical Museum
2309 Claflin
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
(785) 565-6490

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